Books and Catalogues

Lessedra Painting and Mixed Media Catalogue 2017, Lessidren, Bulgaria

2nd New York International Miniature Print Exhibition, *Catalogue, MGC, New York, NY,
Color illus.,“Garden Flowers”, Pg. 14, 2016

Fourth National Monotype / Monoprint Juried Exhibition, *Catalogue, MGNE, Attleboro Arts Museum,
Attleboro, Mass, Text and color illus., “Hinged Seed Pod”, Pg. 41, 2016

14th Lessedra World Art Print Annual, *Catalogue, Sofia, Bulgaria, “My Sheep Followed Me Home from
Lesidren”, by Debra Radke, Text and 6 illus., Pgs. 16 - 17, 2015

12th Lessedra World Art Print Annual, *Catalogue, Sofia, Bulgaria, “The Art Village Summer Residency 2013”

10th Lessedra World Art Print Annual, *Catalogue, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2nd Prize, illus. Pg. 3, 2011

34, 32, 32, 31st e Mini Print Internacional de Cadeques, *Catalogue, Gerona & Cadaques, Spain, France,
UK, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011 respectively.

Lessedra Painting and Mixed Media Catalogue 2017, 2016, 2014, 2013, 2012 Lessidren, Bulgaria

Special Supplement, 40 Pgs.,“Lesidren Dream”, by Debra Radke, Text and photos, 2 illus., Pgs.14 – 18, 33
11th Lessedra World Art Print Annual, *Catalogue, Sofia, Bulgaria, illus. Pg. 17, 2012
Articles and Reviews

Selected Bibliography /

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12th Lessedra World Art Print Annual, 2013, "Queen", page 14, illus., Sofia, Bulgaria

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10th Lessedra World Art Print Annual, 2011, 2nd Award Page 3, "Maelstrom Series #1", page 20, illus., Sofia, Bulgaria

31st Mini Print International de Cadaques', "Spring", 2011, Cadaques, Spain, illus.

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Local and Regional Press dating to 1990 Upon Request.
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